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Kunefe is considered to be one of the most delightful Turkish desserts. It is a crispy, cheese-filled dessert made with kadayif (in other words phyllo dough), soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup.
• It is a soft but crispy dessert sprinkled with ground pistachios and usually served with ice cream which creates a perfect unforgettable combination of hot and cold.
• It was considered, decades ago, as a Royal dessert affordable only to highly respected people.
• It is sometimes associated with special occasions, but any day is a great opportnity to enjoy this delicacy.
• No artificial flavors or preservatives added.
• 100% Handmade, being difficult to find in the market.
• 100% Local butter.
• 100% Special White cheese.

Ingredients : Kataifi, butter, cheese, sugar.




• FDA approved
• Halal
• Natural products
• High profit margins
• Frozen, ready to cook
• Handmade
• 100 % local butter
• 100 % cheese
• No preservatives
• No food colorant
• No artificial flavour

Packaging Restaurants

Ultimate package includes ;

• 70 Kunefe,
• 1 Cooking mould metal plate,
• 4,5 kg Syrup

*available in other custom packages,

*also available for hotels, catering, special events and many more


Grocery stores

Perfect combo package includes ;

• 1 Kunefe,
• Syrup



Kunefe Manual

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